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Pull & Bear Shops

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Kriskadecor aluminium chain curtain dressed all the shop Windows of Pull&Bear Shop by Inditex around the world, in the course of summer sales 2015.

This is definitely the project with the biggest international impact that Kriskadecor has ever had up till now. As a completely customized project, the aluminum curtains have been present in up to 48 countries around the world: Saudi Arabia, China, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Qatar, etc.

Kriskadecor manufactured the curtains for the shop windows with a red brilliant background. They show the word “Sales” in the language of each country as well as the Pull&Bear brand in brilliant silver. 1.100 Km of chain was needed to create all the curtains. This length is equivalent to the distance from Paris to Berlin. 

Solutions that are offered to the customer: