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Bellavista del Jardín del Norte Restaurant

Hotels and restaurants     |     City: Barcelona, Spain    |     Designed by: El Equipo Creativo

The gastronomic macro space of 2,000 square meters of Grupo Iglesias and Lionel Messi, located in Barcelona, is distinguished by the distribution of spaces that play with the most emblematic places of a town: the square, the fountain, the bar, the balconies of the gentlemen or the church.

Among the many details that The Creative Team, the studio in charge of the design, has located throughout this spectacular venue, we can find multi-coloured lights that evoke fireworks, thousands of flowers hanging from the ceiling or the anodized aluminium links of Kriskadecor.

In this case, the solution used was wallcovering with straight and fixed curtains with geometric patterns in black and white.

Solutions that are offered to the customer: