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Barcelona Screen Divider Stripes - M - Grey

This Kriskadecor's Barcelona Screen Divider by Crea Product Design has been customized in size using a coloured stripe design. 

Whats new with this Screen Divider?

Our material. Using aluminium links with this proposal is something brand new. And it is also a very light material so it can be easily moved. And of course, the wide range of customizable options to fit in our costumers’ needs.

What can be customized? Almost everything.

  • The chain design can reproduce images, logos and patterns
  • The size: personalized sizes can be developed under customers’ request.
  • The frame and feet colour: most of colours can be used for lacquering both things. It is even possible to combine them!.

Although the best part is customization we have also develop 3 standard sizes suitable for most uses and 2 elegant colours (black and grey).

Anything else? Yes, some add-ons can be used.

  • Planter: can be attached to the screen divider. Playing with patterns, plants and lacquered colours can offer amazing results.
  • Light: Give extra attention to the chain by enlightening them with our Natsumi system
  • Combinations: we have developed some fixations to combine, 2, 3 or even 4 screen dividers. It is also possible to combine different sizes. 


Barcelona Screen Divider Brochure